Love your imagination. Be yourself. Blame Dad when you're farty.

An empowering story for children aged 5-10

Lily is a wild little person, full of energy, never in one place for long and usually covered in mud.

One day some sparklingly clean girls offer to be her friend, if she’ll scrub up and change her look.

Will Lily believe in herself enough to stay true to who she is? Or will she become another selfie-snapping princess?

And who made that HORRIBLE stink upstairs?

Five-Star Reviews!

"Love this book and love the message. There are so many pretty princess books out there and this one instead has something important to say - and it’s a fun read too. Can’t wait to read it with my niece!"

"I've got two young daughters who loved this book! They laughed a lot and my youngest took it to read and re-read herself (delighting over the rudeness of the jokes about farts in particular). A breath of fresh air in a world of princesses and pink. Highly recommended and delightful."

"Love this book! A great message for girls that we don’t have to be what people expect and it’s good to be true to yourself. Bought for my 5 year old daughter who happily wears her brother’s clothes and plays with all his toys!"


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