For Schools

Space Bugs and Selfies! has some important messages for young people about loving your imagination, being confident in yourself and not giving in to peer pressure.

I really want these messages to reach children. So, I’m organising readings at schools, for younger and older children. Please do get in touch to organise a reading – ideally if you’re a school in the South East – I hope to travel further afield when I have more time!


For year one/two:

Reading: A fun, entertaining reading, with lots of participation, focused on entertainment.

Worksheets: Character drawing sheets, which encourage the children to draw something from their imagination. These are entered into a completion, with prizes.




For year three-four:

Reading: A more straightforward, but still entertaining but focused on highlighting key moments around the issues.

Worksheets: A colourful question and answer sheet about what the books main character experiences and feels, what choices she makes and why, along with pertinent questions, such as what pupils could do in the similar situations, whether they can remember being in a similar situation etc.


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