Hi, I’m Lex

I’ve been writing for about 20 years, all sorts of things, from stand-up comedy to TV scripts and, of course, children’s books. Writing has been how I made a living since 2007 when I started as a professional copywriter. I do lots of other things, mostly adoring/tolerating my now 4-year old daughter.

I wrote this book after

…talking to a friend about something that happened to their six-year-old daughter. She’d come home from school, mortified because some other girls had said her thighs were fat. She was hurt and damaged by the experience. And I was shocked at how early body-shaming starts, especially for girls.

I was bullied at school, so know just how much it hurts and the long-term effects. I wanted to tell all the little people that it didn’t matter how they looked, who they were or what other people said; especially my then three-year-old daughter. But all the books I found about body positivity and self-confidence were for older children. So, I wrote one. And I gave the story to parents and kids; and then to a fabulous illustrator called Simon Collins. And here we are.

I’ve been surrounded by strong women for my whole life; my mother, sister, aunts, nanna, and now my indefatigable wife and wonderful daughter. I’m a feminist and see feminism as good for everyone, whoever they are, however they identify.


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