Drawing Competition Winners!

I’m very excited to announce the winners (a little belatedly) of our October Chesham Waterstones drawing competition!


Manu won in the over-5s category for a rather fantastic picture, that takes it’s influence from the surreal school of art. And yes, you read that right. And he’s eight! What were you doing when you were eight? Me? Probably picking my nose or watching TV – this guy? MASTERING SURREALISM! AMAZING. Here’s his awesome picture, entitled: ‘A picture about your interpretation of what its all about either a Coke bottle or someone going off in a rocket.’

Eat your heart out Magritte

But do you know what’s crazy? His mum tells me that he’s really not confident about his drawing. Imagine that?! He’s an actual living, walking, talking, drawing AMAZO-SAURUS and he doesn’t even know it. I wrote Space Bugs and Selfies! to help remind children to be confident about being themselves, no matter what anyone else says. I want every Manu in the world to KNOW they CAN do it, whatever it is they want to do.


Up-to-5s winner

The up-to5s winner is a little girl called Marja. I love her picture. She took the time, not only to draw a fabulous picture of Lily, with a lovely rabbit and a fox, but she ALSO drew the sound waves, to show Lily was listening to the animals.


That’s right.

She’s 5 and she’s thinking about sound waves. AND finding a way to represent them on paper. AT FIVE. Good gravy, I think we might have foudn a future Nobel Prize Winner!

Here’s her fabulous picture:

Were you thinking about soundwaves at 5 years old? No. Me either.

What a fantastic effort! Well done Marja. And here she is with her prizes – a signed book, with a special message just for her and LOADS of colouring pens, for more fantastic flights of imagination! I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more fabulous artwork from her soon!

All the pictures were fantastic. But these two were my favourites.

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